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Stapleton Denver Review - A weekend spent in Denver and the Stapleton area:
Stapleton Denver

My wife and I a few weekends ago (Feb 2007) decided to make the short drive from Superior to Denver to check out the Stapleton area. We wanted to drive around, look at homes, take pictures, and maybe pick up any "For Sale" fliers that might be available. My wife has been interviewing in Denver, and since the commute up and down 36 to where we live is not fun in the least bit, we have been entertaining the idea of moving to Denver.

We have a small (20 month old) child. Right away, that limits where we would want to live in Denver to a few areas. Downtown wouldn't be practical. There isn't much in the way of parks and homes in the immediate downtown area. We thought about Cherry Creek, but really, we aren't up for spending $600,000 for a home. The suburbs and surrounding communities of Denver might be ok, but since I have lived in the Greater Denver Area, I haven't really fallen in love with any place in particular.

A few weekends ago, we were hanging out with my sister, who is a true "Denverite." We told her that we were considering Denver, and without skipping a beat, she suggested that we go check out the Stapleton area. I had been there once before several years back for a party, but it was in the evening, so you really couldn't see much. I do remember that it looked very clean, new, and had a nice neighborhood feel to it. I thought that my sister's idea was a good one, so we made it to Stapleton the next weekend.

Driving in, I have to say that there are some less attractive and much older neighborhoods surrounding Stapleton. Unfortunately, some of the homes in the area surrounding are pretty tired and weathered. As you get close to Stapleton, you'll see some of the older hotels that used to service the old airport here (Stapleton International). If you didn't know, this Stapleton neighborhood was built over the old airport grounds. The new airport is now Denver International Airport, located about 10 miles away.

Once you see the main entrance to Stapleton, you'll realize immediately that there is something special awaiting you. A sense of "newness" hit us immediately, and there is definitely a vibrant energy there. Immediately we observed many folks out jogging, walking, or working on their homes. Most every person waved to us as we drove by. We felt very welcome, and very safe.

Some of the roads are more like boulevards. There are a few streets that are almost as wide as a runway would be, and many of the streets have a grassy median in the middle separating the directions of traffic. People seem to drive very slow here, which made us feel good with our young child. We did see several other families with small children. There are several parks and play areas here as well. We stopped at one of the little "mini playgrounds" and let our kiddo run around.

One of the problems my wife and I have where we currently live is that we are directly under the air path from the Jefferson County Airport. There are planes constantly flying overhead, and sometimes it can get quite loud. As we were at the park at Stapleton, we both stopped for a moment and realized that we didn't hear one plane. We could see the planes taking off and landing off in the distance, but we were relieved that there was almost no noise pollution in the Stapleton area. We didn't even hear any barking dogs. My wife and I both suspect that Stapleton has a pretty good HOA that keeps on top of barking dogs and landscaping - which, I must say was outstanding. No weeds in the grass, and we didn't see any litter anywhere. We also felt that the residents of Stapleton take really good care of their properties. Not one home or condo seemed run down or neglected in any way.

There certainly is quite a lot of choice and diversity when it comes to housing options in Stapleton. You'll see quite a few row homes along the main streets. There are also several modern lofts to be found here, and you'll also see plenty of newer homes with usually small yards. The homes here are generally very close together, which was the one thing my wife and I didn't like so much. The homes usually have a small front yard, and an even smaller backyard from what we could see. However, the homes looked like they were high quality, and very nice on the inside. The range of prices here is pretty wide too. We saw homes and condos in the high 200's all the way up to the 600's. I am sure there are some homes here in the Millions!

There is plenty of amenities and shopping nearby. You'll find a Sam's Club within walking distance (not that you could carry all of your stuff back with you), a coffee shop or two, a Noodles & Co., and several other restaurants, shops, and hotels.

We left Stapleton really thinking about what a wonderful opportunity it could be for our family. Other than how close the homes were to each other (in many cases), we thought the are was beautiful, well maintained, and friendly. The convenience to Denver and the downtown area is a definite plus, and surprisingly, many of the homes in Stapleton were really quite affordable (compared to other comparable areas, and the surrounding communities like Boulder.)

We'll let the photos we took from our weekend excursion paint the rest of the picture:

Stapleton Denver Photos - From a weekend in February 2007:
Air Traffic Control Tower Stapleton
The old control tower
Park at Stapleton
Enjoying the park. Stapleton is very family-friendly!
School at Stapleton
Modern Schools
Westerly Creek School in Stapleton Denver
Westerly Creek Elementary
Stapleton Neighborhood
Lovely Neighborhood
Wide Streets of Stapleton
Stapleton Street
Stapleton Architecture
Modern architecture
Plenty of shopping nearby - Yes, that's a Sam's Club in the background!
Shopping around Stapleton
More shopping and Coffee!
The old hotels on Quebec St.
The older hotels on Quebec St.
Stapleton Lofts
Lofts being built in Stapleton in Stapleton
Stapleton Lofts
Stapleton Lofts
Stapleton from my car
Dashboard View
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