What is my favorite loft property?

I get asked this question periodically, and I’ll have to admit, it’s a hard one to answer because I have never lived in a loft, and I have only actually been inside maybe a dozen of them.   I don’t know each one as intimately as a resident does.

However, based on what I know, and based on location, I would have to say that the Dakota Lofts are way up there on my list.   I don’t really like living in the heart of downtown anywhere, much less Denver (as much as I like Denver).  Downtown is too “hurried” and noisy for me – I like my peace and quiet.  But – I do like downtown on my terms, as long as I can leave when I am done with it.   The Dakota Lofts are perched right outside of downtown Denver, across the street from the flagship REI, and the Platte river.  There’s a great pedestrian bridge that takes you across I-25, and it’s just a short bikeride or a moderate walk to get to downtown.   And, from the Dakota Lofts, you get a view of downtown that is unparalleled.

These are beautiful and very modern lofts, in a funky little neighborhood with lots of coffee shops and great eateries nearby…..and downtown Denver is just a chip-shot away – but not in your lap!