Veterans Day Goof

I made a real goof this week.  I have never had Veteran’s day off.  I have never worked a job that would give this day off  to it’s employees.   So, it just never registered with me as being a real holiday.

So now that I work for myself, it really registers less than ever.   However, now that I have a kid in pre-school, they take Veteran’s day off.

A few weeks ago, my kid’s school said that they would be closed on Veteran’s day, and to make sure and mark it on our calendars.  I just assumed it would be the Monday after the weekend of the 10th of November – like any other normal holiday so people can take a long weekend.   So, I kept my kid out of school on Monday.

His friends and teachers were wondering where he was!  Ooops!   My wife took the day off to watch our son, and to help me so I could get some work done.   She even told her work that she was taking Veteran’s day off.

The funniest thing is – she didn’t catch it either, and she is a Veteran!   She was in the military back in the 90’s.   So, I don’t feel so stupid, but I just hate making mistakes like that.

Veteran’s day is supposed to be a day of rememberance.  The only “rememberance” I have is that I have to remember to pay for childcare for today, since today – Tuesday the 11th is the actual day his school is closed…..not the 10th.