Thornton does a really good Santa’s Village and Winter Wonderland

Was really thrilled that we took a chance on the City of Thornton’s WinterFest and Santa’s Village that took place last weekend.

At Santa's Village


Santa's Village

crafts table

I don’t normally like to go those types of things, as they are often too crowded, and not very much fun.

However, this event was extremely well run, and had a lot of great things to do for kids and parents alike.

I took my two boys ice skating, which was only $2 for each of them, and we had a few very large hot chocolates, which was very necessary since it was snowing and pretty cold.

They had a great crafts table set up, and the kids could go into a heated tent to make tree ornaments.

It was not overly crowded, and they had several large fireplaces/pits going so you could easily warm up if you needed to.

The only thing that there was a line for, was to get a photo with Santa, which we passed on, since the kids were already pretty tired from all of the other activities.

We’ll certainly be going again next year.   Great Job Thornton!