The Source in Denver is a Wonderful Meeting Spot

I would have never guessed that there would be such a wonderful Coffee/Wine/Beer/Meeting Spot in Denver that is close to many of the wonderful loft properties we feature on our site.

It’s also in sort of an industrial part of town, where there is lots of construction, road blocks and detours, and traffic.   I wouldn’t picture this place to be in this area, much less thriving with business, but it is.


If you can find it, please, go check out The Source

It’s on Brighton Blvd, and you can park right there, and when I went, there was no charge for the parking.

It’s a fairly large building, very “brickey” and hip.   Once you walk in, you’ll be surprised at how much is under one roof.  There’s a coffee bar to the left, as well as a wine store – and towards the back, sort of an indoor beer garden with lots of tables.   There’s The Acorn restaurant on the right, and an area that looks like the cure meat, with lots of carcasses visible for cutting and carving (not a great sight for a vegetarian, I’d think).

I met a business contact there for coffee at about 2pm on a Monday on her suggestion.   It wasn’t packed, so I was pleasantly surprised we could find a nice table to have our meeting at.   I had a green tea which was delicious and we were able to have a great chat.

Lots of great people watching here too!