The Eagles are back at Stearn’s Lake

Last year about this time, I was running back in the open space behind my house in Broomfield, and there was a very majestic and regal looking pair of Bald Eagles that had taken a particular tree as their temporary home.  They stayed around there for about 2 months.

The Stearn’s Lake area (Carolyn Holmberg Preserve) is a beautiful area, and would make great nesting grounds for any predatory bird due to the large number of prairie dogs and other rodents in the area.

The lake itself is not huge but I have seen some of the fish pulled out of there – some of which are nothing short of huge.

I was running back there again this week, and was glad to see that the eagles are back.  It is really a sight to behold.  They are not afraid of humans, and really seem to take command of their surroundings.