Springtime in Denver – Is it here to stay?

It has been weirdly warm and sunny here in Denver this week. I can’t remember a March that was so dry and sunny (scary, a little bit, I know).  But, I am over being cold, and I am excited to start enjoying the evenings.     To celebrate the warm stretch, I went and bought myself a baseball glove, and one for my son, who is 6.  I haven’t put on a baseball glove in probably 20 years, and he – never.   So, we went to a park in Superior (just outside of Denver) to play some catch.   I was surprised at how good he was at it all ready.  The kid can throw, and throw accurately!    He can also hit the ball well.  Catching the ball…well – we are working on that.

It has been magical here in the Denver area.   I thought I would post my “day of catch” photo to inspire everyone to get outside and enjoy this fabulous weather!