Spent a nice week in Copper

My sister owns a slopeside condo up at Copper Mtn.   I am fortunate enough to be able to use this condo frequently, and due to the amazing powers of wireless, I actually manage to get some work done while I am up there.

This week was very mellow in Copper – which was perfect for me – I needed some peace and quiet.  I slept in a bit, worked a few hours, and then did a nice run up the path towards Vail Pass.  This is an amazingly beautiful trail, even though it is straddled on each side by I-70.  You don’t really even notice the traffice once you are down there.

The flowers were in full-bloom, and there was a nice drizzle in the air.   I stopped at the bridge that crosses the creek about halfway up and just listened to the running water cascading over the granite rocks.   Beautiful.

I feel very refreshed after such a nice week!