Need An Affordable Real Estate Photographer?

David BesnetteI thought I would put it out there on my site that I am available to potentially “shoot snaps” for you if you are a realtor or property manager in Denver needing some high quality photos of your property for listing purposes.

You can look at many of my photos on my Flickr page here:

Here is one inside a home in Colo. Springs in Sept. 2014

Home Photo

Here’s one I took of a building in Broomfield (cloudy day, but still, I like how it turned out)

A sample real estate photo using HDR for Denver area

I am sure that I would be much more reasonably (affordable) priced than one of the larger photo-outfits, or a “professional” photographer, so let me know if you have the need and call me at 303-579-0137 (my name is David, and I live in Broomfield).

Basically, many photographers nowadays use the HDR technique to shoot photos, since it gives a really deep, rich feel to the photo.  I’ve gotten pretty darn good at HDR.  I do know that HDR can also be used way overboard – really, and unfortunately, this is usually what happens.  The photo is overblown, there are “halos” between bright and darker spots, and the colors are way over-saturated.

I’ve found that if you resist the temptation to go “grunge” on your photos, they turn out very colorfully and deep, and are still in the realm of believability.