Mt. Evans Colorado – A Great Denver Escape!

I don’t do it often enough, but when it gets really hot and oppressive here in Denver, I need to get up to elevation, and out of town.  Sometimes, heading up to Estes Park sounds good, but then I remember the hoards of crowds with drippy ice cream and bumper-to-bumper traffic that will surely meet me – I opt out.

This past week, my wife and I decided, for the first time in many years to take the drive up to Mt. Evans, just to show our son what it is like to be at 14,000 feet.   We did it on a Sunday afternoon, and fortunately at that time heading UP to the mountains, traffic along I-70 was pretty light.  The traffic, as expected, coming the other way was awful.  Timing is everything.

As we made our way past Idaho Springs, and left up the winding road to the summit, the air got thinner and cooler, and there were relatively few people and cars. We saw some wildlife – a fox, and some deer which thrilled my son.

Mt. Evans Colorado

I was packing a brand-new 11-16 mm wide-angle Tokina lens for my camera and wanted to test it out. My son was more than willing to pose for me near the summit.

We returned to Denver via the ‘back way’ continuing on past Echo Lake, and down the winding road to Evergreen. Nary a car in sight, which was great.  We almost completely avoided I-70 on the way back.

The whole, round-trip took about 4 hours.   Well worth it to get out of the heat of the valleys below.