Looking At A Great Snow Year in Colorado

I remember about 10 years ago, when we were going through the big drought here in Colorado, I was genuinely worried that it was “over” in terms of good snow years.  My thinking back then was that the climate had changed so much that we finally tipped over the edge to a permanently drier and warmer Colorado.

That may be the case, though, to some degree (excuse the pun) so it is always exciting and refreshing when we start off the winter with good snow, and bluebird skies.  Another one of the countless great reasons to live in Denver, and in Colorado, especially if you enjoy the beautiful mountains and snow

Snow in the Mountains


I am often asked where the ‘good skiing’ is near Denver, from those not familiar.  Naturally, people think first about the big, expensive resorts up the hill on I-70, which, is reason #1 to avoid them altogether. Sure, after you battle the traffic to get up there, arriving aggravated, you’ll go broke quickly and fight crowds all day long.   Unfortunately for sure.

I recommend checking out Eldora Mountain Resort, which is very close to Denver, and is more of a family-type hill.   It has great terrain, and usually very good snow, and a wonderful beginners area.  It’s a fairly easy drive, usually little traffic, and much more affordable!