Learn to identify a scammer tool

It is amazing that in this day and age, people still fall for rental scams. But then, as I think about it, probably not everyone is as experienced as I am in knowing what to look for. After all, I run a number of rental sites, and see scams every day. Identifying a scammer, to me, is almost second-nature.

I have to remind myself that many people might be renting for the first time. Or, in this economy, many people are probably renting their homes, or a room in their house for the first time for the extra income, so naturally, these types of people wouldn’t be tuned in to the world of scammers.

Thankfully, my friend Dave, who just launched his new site Pickrent, has developed a great tool that will help you identify a scam. His Scam Tool
is very accurate, and quite helpful for anyone who may have received a questionable e-mail regarding renting, or a rental.