Konova Slider Montage & Review – Western Colorado

I have recently been experimenting with a Konova Slider for my videos.  A friend of mine owns one, and did a review and montage on his site, learningdslrvideo.com so I borrowed his for a few days to see what I could do with it.   I took it on a trip to Western Colorado (Fruita Area, which is about 4 hours west of Denver) for a race I was participating in.   We also went to Colorado National Monument and took a few shots there.

The slider worked great.   it is well-built, and the “legs” or stands that swivel out that it sits on are sturdy and wide, so it gives the slider a good amount of stability.   The whole unit seemed very solid, and pretty easy to use.  The only difficulty I had with it was getting small grains of sand, or dust in the tracks, which can make the slider choppy and bumpy, so I recommend to anyone using this slider outdoors to take a can of spray duster (the kind you use for computer keyboards) to clear out the tracks from time-to-time.

I would highly recommend this slider.  I was wishing at times that it was a little longer, but from what I understand, konova makes longer ones that are a little more expensive.

The slider is easily packed into a nice, durable bag that comes with it, so I had no problem carrying it on short hikes.  The camera I used was a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR and the video was shot in HD (High Definition).

Anyways, here is the video/montage using the Konova Slider.  Enjoy!