Hollyhocks do really well in Denver

I am amazed at how well Hollyhocks do in Denver.  This flower is absolutely beautiful, and I would have imagined, given how lush it is, that it would need more water, and less heat.

As I write this, it’s nearing 100 in Denver, and this one is doing great!

Hollyhocks in Denver

My mom sent me the seeds from her brother’s garden in AZ – her brother who passed away a few years ago unexpectedly, so it’s in his honor, and to our delight that they are taking hold in our Denver-area home.

We really do no maintenance on them whatsoever.  The plant is near our automatic sprinklers, so it does get pretty consistent water, but it’s in direct sun most of the rest of the day.

Want to plant Hollyhocks in Denver? I think you might find it pretty easy to do!  It’s a great way to spruce up and add some color to your home’s exterior!