Doing away with I-70 This year. Eldora!

After my most recent escapades on I-70 this summer, getting caught in the classic 4-hour back-to-back traffic, and having had that experience in the mountains for countless winters trying to get a decent ski day in, I have decided to all but give up on I-70 this winter, instead to opt for a season, and hopefully many following seasons to come at Eldora, our local resort.

I have a 7-year old son who is raring to go, so that is exciting, and also an expense if you try to ski with your family at most places like Copper, Vail and the rest.  Fortunately, Eldora has a ‘Gear and Grow‘ pass for kids that is just about $200, which includes a full season of ski rentals and a season pass. What a deal!

I got myself a pass too.

I took my family up to Eldora this weekend to see how the snow is coming, and although there is a few inches, and there is snowmaking happening, they have a ways to go.   Hopefully we’ll get a few good dumps soon.

We timed the drive, and it took about 45 minutes from Broomfield to Eldora, which was excellent.