Detecting Fraud and Tracking IP addresses

A very powerful thing at your disposal to help detect if a potential “renter” is a fraudster is their IP address. The user’s IP address is essentially their signature when they surf online, and will you exactly where they are in the world. Naturally, you will want to be careful if someone is contacting you from Nigeria, or from out of the country.

A typical IP address looks like this:

To track where a user is from, I like to use this tool:

It usually gives you one lookup per day without having an account. I signed up for an account (it is free) and you get several lookups per day. It is a great tool that will provide you with a map of where the IP address is from, and other valuable information.

IF YOU DO suspect that a fraudster or scammer is contacting you, please send us the information (IP address) and we will block them from using the site.

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