Decent Video Tour of The Acme Lofts in Denver

One of the most effective ways (to me) to show off a property, loft, or home, is through video.  I think photos are fine up to a point, but a video shows off the property’s personality, allows the renter or property manager to engage his or her viewers, and makes the property come ‘alive’.    However, a video that is not very well done can do just the opposite – turn people off, and drive business away.

I’ve been doing a lot of video lately, for one of my other sites, but unfortunately, I have not done any yet for my Denver Lofts site.   I do think that I have gotten pretty good at it, and I hope to practice my skills on some of the local loft buildings sometime this summer.

I decided to see what was already out there, and I found a decent video tour done for the Acme Lofts building in Denver.  The video is below:

I think the video gives a good ‘tour’ of the building, and a good feel for what the lofts are like.  I think the fellow (from the Baltic Group) has a nice voiceover and speaking skills, and he does a nice tour.  I do think the quality of the video could have been a bit better in terms of setting up each shot with correct lighting, and perhaps using a tripod so it isn’t as herky-jerky.    However, if I were looking at the Acme Lofts seriously, this video would have been helpful, so they have accomplished their mission.

Anyways, as I do some videos later this summer, I’ll try to post them here as well!