Beautiful Day at the Denver Zoo

Living in Denver is great, as my site, and blog would imply, but one of my absolute favorite things to do is to visit the Denver Zoo on a warm, sunny afternoon.

The great thing about the zoo, from a loft point-of-view, that it is really walkable, or bike-able from just about any loft property in the Denver area.   Once you get there, City Park is a great way to get a few extra miles in, or a run, or just to hang out and people watch.

For me, taking my camera and some of my better lenses gives me an opportunity to get up-close and personal with many of the ‘interesting characters’ the zoo houses.   For example, this beauty of a Maned Wolf was giving me some good poses, and was cooperating with my amateur photography and fumbling around.


Amazing that there are so many exotic animals within arm’s reach of the zoo.

I highly recommend getting an annual pass.  They aren’t much, and within a few visits, it’s basically covered.   I usually pack a lunch, and snacks, and can easily log several miles just walking around each exhibit!