Annual Stockholders Meeting

I think it is a bit funny that I am supposed to have an annual stockholders meeting.   Since our ‘company’ is really only me and my wife, it seems a bit silly.

But, we took the opportunity to do it and went out to dinner on “the company” – something we never do.  The company paid for it, and we talked about our business.   We went to Old Chicago pizza in Superior, which is just outside of Denver.

We talked about how the business has done over the past year, and it seems to be in a growth phase.  Good news since the economy is in the dumps.   For the rental market,  I don’t think it is all that bad.  Since most people can’t sell their home right now, they opt to rent it.  So, for all of my rental listing sites, business is good.

We also talked about the best way to direct my time and energy, and to what sites and projects.  We decided that my newest site is the best one in terms of potential (a site that deals with senior housing).   My rental sites are in good shape, so I will be focusing less on them this year.

My wife says that she wants to transition to part time at her ‘real job’ to be able to spend more time working for our ‘company.’  We think we are at the point to where she can do this.

As far as equipment needs, we both agreed that the ‘company’ needs a new computer and a new laptop.

That was really the extent of our meeting.  I had a Calzone with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms, and a few beers.   Joelle had a spinach Calozone and a beer.

It was a succesful meeting all around.  Thank you to our wonderful company!